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Boer Goat Does For Breeding & Sale

Schafer Farms raises Boer Does for breeding, commercial use and for show. Our show Boer does are large, as show goats should be, with white bodies and distinctive brown or reddish heads. With these breeding standards, our superior Boer doe stock truly outshines others in competition.

Boer goats differ from other breeds in their docility and rapid growth. The mating does usually produce three kid crops every two years, with an average of two kids per crop. They require a minimum amount of maintenance and spend a lot of time grazing, having originally been raised for meat. Show stock has also proven to be a profitable business.

Schafer Farms imported their first Boer goats to West Texas from New Zealand. Their Mating Does have since produced superior show stock.

Browse our website to see our upcoming sales, past winners and more. We care for the needs of both small and large breeders, so contact us today for information on our stock.